How psychometric testing improves your business 

My clients have experienced many of the following benefits:

Increase in sales and efficiency

Selecting the right applicants will lead to increased revenue + productivity. Morale and organisational commitment are also likely to improve.

Ensures equality and diversity

Your selection policy will be transparently fair and unbiased. PsyScope tests are carried out ‘blind’ and distinguish between applicants purely on the basis of objective, job-relevant traits.


Lower staff turnover & absenteeism

Selecting people with the best fit of personality for the job will give you happier employees who stay longer in the job and who take fewer sick days per year.

Easy to assimilate with existing methods

Personality testing will inform and complement the interview by flagging up potential problem areas. Testing can take place at 1st interview or online at applicant’s convenience.

Catch the bluffers

Job applicants who seem too good to be true probably are! Any candidate who claims to be a saint - we call it faking good - will trigger the built-in lie detector. People can sometimes charm their way through an interview - but not through a psychometric test.


Real life examples of how other organisations have benefited from personality testing


Case study 1: T, a call centre operation in the North West, had recruited a lot of extraverts who were skilled at creating rapport with customers on the phone. But the job role also required a keen eye for detail and a willingness to follow a raft of repetitive procedures. The problem is that easy-going extraverts have a short attention span and no patience for detail. Following my implementation of personality testing, the company selected more introverts, more conformers and more worriers. These people stay longer in the job, operations run more smoothly and customer complaints are drastically reduced.

Case study 2: MH a software sales company, had a problem with cancellation rates and inconsistent performance. Benchmarking the sales force revealed a glut of over-confident, unstable performers. These salespeople sold carelessly and only when the mood took them. Using a blueprint of the steadier performers, we recruited people who were caring, conscientious and self disciplined. Any loss of sales ‘flair’ was more than compensated by consistency of sales performance and improved cooperation between employees leading to better morale.

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