Career Assessment and Consultation 

Unhappy at work?
Uncertain of your next move?
Interested in a psychometric profile of your character and career strengths?

A Career Assessment offers a comprehensive consultation over Stages 1-4 below.

Stage 1

Psychometric testing

To identify:

  • your core personality traits
  • your key beliefs + values
  • your strengths + weaknesses
  • your favoured team roles
  • career profile themes

Stage 2

Fact find
  • job history review
  • life experiences
  • your career plans + preferences
  • your ideal work environment
  • what interests + motivates you
  • your patterns of behaviour

Stage 3

  • Career personality test feedback
  • How your key traits fit your ideal career
  • Identify your transferable skills
  • Implications for the future
  • Discussion of your options

Stage 4

Planning ahead
  • Achievable goals
  • Using your full potential
  • Awareness of self
  • Strategies for smart decision making
  • Work life balance
  • CV review
  • Job search advice

Total cost: £185 This includes all of Stages 1-4 and lasts 90 mins. There is no VAT payable.

Psychometric testing is conducted prior to the session to maximise discussion time on the day.

If you would like to combine your Career Assessment with the Job Search Coaching the cost is £245. This all-inclusive session lasts 120 mins.