Job Search Coaching: Process and Fees

Make yourself More Employable

Practical, focused one-to-one career coaching and career advice that gives you the extra tools you need to gain the interview, and then turn the interview into a job offer.


Part 1

Fact-finding & Psychometric assessment

  • Explore your current job search strategy.
  • Clarifying aims + objectives.
  • What motivates you? drives you?
  • Psychometric testing:

    a) Personality evaluation so you can use strategy that suits your temperament

    b) Cognitive ability questionnaires to gain familiarity + learn to master them.

    c) Ascertain which jobs are a good fit for your personality
  • What organisational culture suits you best? Where do your strengths lie?

Part 2

Applying for Jobs: The best strategy

  • Most effective CV + covering letter
  • Filling in application forms - give the employer what they are looking for
  • Speculative approaches: How to do the best pitch
  • Get under the radar. How to get noticed in the job market jungle
  • Best ways to use technology
  • How to sell career change to a new employer
  • How to keep morale high during job search

Part 3

The selection process.

  • Inside tips, pt1: How employers recruit.
  • What do they say they look for? What do they actually look for?
  • Inside tips, pt2: Passing psychometric tests (personality & aptitude)
  • The psychology of the interview + how to use to your advantage.
  • How to create a positive early impression
  • Using body language and non-verbal cues to your advantage
  • Commercial awareness

One-to-one coaching session to include all of Parts 1,2 + 3 above: £125.00. Session lasts 90 mins. There is no VAT payable

If you have friends who are also interested I can coach up to 3 people during one session. Some people prefer group work and there is also a cost saving to you. Please phone for details.

For more information on coaching sessions, please see Job Search Coaching

Many people end up in a job that doesn't suit their temperament. They squeeze their personality into the shape required by the job. Instead, why not find a career that is a better fit for your values and makes the most of your talents ? Try a Career Assessment + Consultation