Hire the right person: Why personality is key to business success.

Why do employees fail ?

The pie chart shows the result of research investigating why people failed at their job. Almost half of all employees failed because of shortfalls in Temperament and Motivation. Ultimately, the character that someone brings to the job is the key predictor of performance. Ability on its own is not enough.


How to find the right employee

The PsyScope report provides you with a detailed personality profile of your job applicant,
focusing on 5 key areas:

1) Do they have the right temperament for the specific job they are applying for ?
2) How will they function in a team ?
3) How will they behave in key job situations ?
4) What flaws of character will affect their performance ?
5) Are potential problems manageable or too ingrained ?

Each PsyScope report provides you with interview questions targeted at any character flaws or other behavioural issues.

PsyScope profile reports are written by me, not a computer. That makes them unique in an industry that relies on software packages spooling out woolly generalisations that could apply to half the population.

Each PsyScope profile costs £95. Contact me for a free trial or sample report

Why now ?

As budgets tighten, hiring decisions take on added significance. In today’s uncertain economic climate, it is vital for organisations to appoint the right person, first time.

Quality of employee becomes ever more critical in a competitive market. Get the full profile of a potential employee before making a decision.